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A new Domestic Accounting Model

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Do your home, personal or family finances crush you in, like pack-ice?  Are you being constantly squeezed, tighter and tighter?

The only solution is financial visibility.  Once you can see the ice from the 'bergs, everything becomes possible.

Find out now about a new model for home finances, tailored from business accounting with a new focus on Domestic Well-Being.  This is set to help and enable you to manage and control your finances to make the very best of your personal, domestic or family situation.

This thought-provoking book is addressed at private individuals as the main end-users, but also at professionals in finance, accountancy, education, personal development skills and citizen’s affairs.

It is more than 'yet another' book on accounting, it may be a life changer -
Nichola Ross Martin FCA BA(Hons),
Editor, AccountingWEB

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