Domestic Well-Being Accounting


Using Microsoft Moneyİ











'Accounting for a Better Life' is not primarily about Microsoft Moneyİ.

However, the author used Microsoft Money (MSM) as a general-purpose accounting software package from the earliest version in the development of his new Domestic Accounting model, based on what he calls Domestic Well-Being (DWB).

Accordingly, all the examples and prototypes discussed in the book and provided on the bonus CD are based on the use of MSM, together with a general-purpose spreadsheet program.

The author does not specifically endorse the use of MSM and explains that any general-purpose accounting package should be capable of being used for DWBA provided it supports categorising transactions.

For those already familiar with MSM, learning to use Domestic Well-Being Accounting (DWBA) should be very straightforward; requiring just an understanding of double-entry for which MSM is not usually used, and the specifics of the new focus on Domestic Well-Being and its associated structure and reports.

With support for MSM dwindling, that's not a problem for those who use it to implement DWBA - update is best using a semi-automated style anyway because it forces you to remain aware of what is going on with your finances.  The main feature of MSM which will be lost is direct and automated updates from banks.

Just continue to download statements from your banks and/or credit card organisations in QIF format and then import the QIF files into MSM and then check-off each transaction, making any editorial corrections to each one that may be appropriate.

Also remember that if you wish to transfer data across language versions of MSM, use export (separately for each account) and then import the resulting QIF files using the option to Recover Accounts - File/Import/Recover Acc ...).  This ensures that the Category information is brought across - but you will still have to manually re-create any reports that you might have saved.  You may also have to reset some of the Account types in the new file as MSM guesses what type is needed and appears not to always get it exactly right!

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